charter signatories


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​ signatories commitment

We, as signatories to the USAG Charter, will endeavour to:

  1. Properly plan all work carried out by us or on our behalf. Those carrying out the work to be aware of their responsibilities.

  2. Assess all people working on our behalf, to ensure they are competent and capable of carrying out the task given to them and that at least one person in each work team is competent in the use of cable detection equipment to its full potential.

  3. Carry out excavations, including those undertaken by anyone excavating on our behalf, in accordance with safe systems of work, company or USAG guidance.

  4. Provide equipment for the detection and avoidance of services that is inspected, calibrated and tested in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements and that records are kept, including a daily check that the equipment continues to operate as expected.

  5. Provide suitable and sufficient personal protective equipment to all those working, including those working on our behalf, and have systems in place to monitor its correct provision, use and maintenance.

  6. Provide relevant, up to date utility asset drawings to people excavating, carry out assurance checks, such as inspections and audits and keep records of those activities, including action taken.

  7. Conduct a suitable and sufficient investigation where damage to an asset occurs in order to identify the cause and corrective actions and share the significant findings with USAG.

  8. Provide utility strike information in the format requested by USAG as part of the annual report into utility damage.

  9. Provide the best advice to our clients regarding utility asset identification, including the appropriate type of asset investigation for their needs, promoting the process identified in PAS 128 – Specification for underground utility detection, verification and location.