The Utility Strike Avoidance Group (USAG) is the body established in 2008 as a collaboration between asset owners, specialist contractors and industry representatives with an ambition to share knowledge and experiences to reduce the harm caused by underground utility strikes.

Our primary purpose is to help reduce the number and severity of underground utility strikes arising from work activities in proximity to such services and be mindful of other underground assets, including fuel pipelines. This includes, but is not limited to, construction, demolition, excavation, fencing, and street works activities. 

The utility industry is defined as the electricity, gas, water, waste, and telecommunications sectors and comprises both direct employers and contractor organisations, including their supply chains and service providers. USAG’s activities are designed to promote continuous improvement in the health, safety and welfare of both employees and members of the public and support the objectives of the HSE Strategy ‘Helping Great Britain Work Well’.

Ultimately, we aim to provide a forum for employers, including asset owners, contractors, and industry partners to influence and promote improved health and safety standards within the utility sector. Consequently, we became the leading provider of industry knowledge for safe excavation around utilities through its free access to the USAG website and LinkedIn social media page. It was the 2012 NJUG Innovation award winner, and the USAG Charter now has several hundred signatories. 

USAG operates voluntarily with no direct funding other than the support offered by Member Company organisations, particularly those who sit on the Steering Group. USAG’s remit remains the open sharing of information and best practice to promote safe working and improved performance.