A Steering Group comprised of USAG members from across the Industry oversees the delivery of the above services and includes representation from the following groups:

  • Industry associations
  • Asset Owners (Electricity, Gas, Water, Telecommunications, etc.)
  • Contractors
  • Service Providers
  • Industry bodies

Responsibilities of Steering Group 

The members of the Steering Group meet regularly to govern and oversee the objectives of USAG and facilitate the promotion of best practices. Members possess the appropriate skills, knowledge, and experience to serve the group’s needs. Representatives of the HSE and other interested third parties are also invited to attend Steering Group meetings.

Additional Members 

The Steering Group will retain the authority to expand its membership following the agreement of all represented parties to ensure it continues to reflect the wider USAG membership. Steering Group members are expected to actively contribute to the collaborative work and represent not only their own organisation but the broader requirements of their sector and the utility industry.


Outputs and meeting papers of USAG will be disseminated as widely as possible; all relevant information will be published on the USAG website, and member organisations will be encouraged to provide links to USAG within their own publications and websites where appropriate

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